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 Role Play Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules & Guidelines   Mon May 02, 2016 10:09 pm

Posting/Grammar Regulations
. Members must post a minimum of 5 sentences per post. This ensures a descriptive post and a better response to roleplay in general.
. Please remember that basic grammar and punctuation skills are highly recommended.

. Our site is rated PG-13.
. Mild cursing is allowed in RP.

God-Modding is someone that pretends to be a mod and posts as if they were a moderator or an administrator.
. Please do not attempt to God-mod our forums. If there is a rule breaker on the forums, do not attempt to correct it yourself. Report any rule breaking to an administrator or moderator as soon as possible.

Power Playing/Role Playing as another character
. Power Playing is giving your character the ability to complete an action in a single second.  Ex; Character kills the elk in one bite.
. Posts related to power playing are not prohibited. If posts are seen displaying this type of behavior they will be removed and a warning will be given. Should this continue you will be banned.
. Do not attempt to RP as someone else’s character. This happens when someone forces a character not their own to RP something without the owners consent. Should this happen a warning will be given and you be asked to edit your post removing the content. If not compliant you may be restricted from RP or banned.

. Remember this is a PG-13 forum so yes it will have violence in RP.  

Joining and User Registration
. Users are required to sign up as their characters names when joining the website. No exceptions.

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Role Play Rules & Guidelines
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